Minibit Robot for BBC Micro:Bit - Damaged Gift Box

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Minibit Robot for the BBC Micro:Bit

These units have damaged gifboxes, but the products inside are fully working, and have the same warranty as the standard units.

 Easy, simple and ready-to-go robot for your BBC micro:bit

NB. BBC Micro:Bit is NOT included. Please purchase HERE if required

The Minibit is the younger sibling of the popular and well-loved Bit:Bot. It comes ready-built (wheels need pushing on).

A Makecode extension is available - just search for Minibit in the Advanced/Extensions tab. Blocks available for driving the motors, LEDs and optional ultrasonic sensor and line follower module as well as the other plugin breakouts.

Available singly or in packs of 10 at a great discount

Visit our blog for programming instructions

Check out these features:
  • 2 micro-metal gear motors. Both fully controllable in software, for both speed (0 to 100%) and direction (forward or reverse)
  • Fully enclosed gearboxes to minimise the ingress of dust and fluff
  • Wheels with rubber tyres for maximum grip
  • Metal ball front caster
  • 4 FireLeds along the front. Select any colour for any pixel, produce stunning lighting effects as your Minibit moves around
  • Integrated pen holder sits directly between the wheels for best operation. Designed for Sharpie felt tips but any pen with 10mm end shaft will fit
  • Powered from integrated 3xAA battery holder with on/off switch and blue indicator LED
  • Easily plug your BBC micro:bit in and out using the edge connector
  • Microbit pins 0, 1, 2 as well as 0V and 3V brought to croc-clip friendly edge connections
  • Robust connector for optional Ultrasonic sensor (and other addons)

NB. Batteries, Microbit and ultrasonic sensor NOT included

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