Pen Holder Mk2 for BitBot Classic or CrumbleBot

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Pen Holder Mk2 for Bit:Bot Classic or CrumbleBot Mk1

* Bit:Bot and CrumbleBot not included

* Not suitable for BitBot XL or CrumbleBot XL

An updated pen holder which is easier to use and more robust than Mk1. Instead of a rubber grommet, the new design has a 2-part construction that the pen simply drops into and uses gravity to give the required downforce.

This is designed for a Sharpie felt tip pen, but other pens of approx 10-11mm diameter can of course be used.


  • Bottom plate
  • Top plate
  • 2 x 11mm pillars
  • 4 x 6mm screws

Simply screw the two plates together using the screws and pillars provided.

* CrumbleBot must use 3xAA battery holders as this is fitted to the bottom of the battery support pillars

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