Music Box Mk2 for Music and Blinky Addons

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Music Box Mk2

NB: Blinkies not included and should be  purchased separately if required

This neat little unit is a standalone music box for your Micro:Bit (not included). Provides battery power, voltage regulator, mini speaker with powered driver, on/off switch with indicator LED and mountings for the Micro:Bit and a reversible Blinky plugin (not included).

The all new Mk2 version improves on the original with:

  • Updated and robust reversible mounting connecting
  • Larger, more powerful speaker with audio amplifier
  • Blinky Plugins can be inserted either way round
  • 3xAA batteries

Can be used as a standalone Micro:Bit music box or use to drive your own FireLeds shapes

See our blog for information and coding examples


  • Edge Connector for Micro:Bit (Micro:Bit not included)
  • 3xAA battery holder (batteries not included)
  • Robust on/off switch
  • Blue LED power indicator
  • 22mm speaker with audio amplifier
  • Connector for Mk2 Blinky Plugins which can be inserted either way round

NOTE: This is not compatible with Mk1 Blinkies

NOTE: Blinkies not included see here for the selection

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