4tronix 4-Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller Mk2

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4-Channel Digital Dew Heater Controller Mk2

Mk2 - now with individually fully protected outputs. Shorting a single output will leave all other outputs working. Remove the short and power it up again, then all outputs will start working again.

Microprocessor controlled, digital PWM dew heater controller with 4 independent channels, each capable of 4A.

This compact Dew Heater Controller can be powered from 9V to 14V and enables each channel to be controlled over the full range from fully Off to totally On.

Each channel has a red indicator LED that flashes at a rate indicating the amount of power being delivered to that channel, Totally Off indicates no power, continuously On indicates 100% power, slow flashing is low power and fast flashing is high power. (for those techie types, note that the flashing of the LED is not directly related to the PWM frequency or duty cycle).



  • Power provided from the 2.1mm DC Jack input (centre positive)
  • Outputs via industry standard RCA (phono) connectors
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Each output is individually protected against over-current and short circuits
  • Operating voltage range: 9V to 14V
  • Maximum current per channel: 4A
  • Maximum total current: 8A
  • Dimensions: 66 x 70 mm


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