4duino Mini PRO Arduino Uno Compatible

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4duino Mini PRO

This board is fully software compatible with an Arduino Uno but in a very small form, breadboard-friendly, factor. The board is only 1mm thick and weighs just 2g!

It even has a full USB interface and all the I/O of a standard UNO including the extra 2 Analog only pins.

Fantastic for embedded projects


  • Processor: ATMega328P-AU
  • Speed: 16MHz
  • Digital I/O pins: 14 (5 with PWM)
  • Analog I/O pins: 8 (6 can be digital I/O)
  • USB interface: CH340 with micro-USB connector
  • Reset button
  • Blue LED on D13 ('Blink' LED)
  • On board 5V regulator (500mA max)
  • On-board dual H-Bridge motor driver (DRV8833)
  • Separate power input for motors - up to 11V
  • Header pins included (not soldered)
  • Dimensions: 43.75 x 18.5 x 1mm
  • Weight: 2.6g

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